The follow is a list of side projects I have been working on. Usually to try out something new and find out how it could be used.

Tailscale GitHub Action

This is a GitHub Action created to connect to a Tailscale network and allow the runner to access other machines connected to the Tailnet network.

Visit Tailscale Action GitHub Repository

I decided to create this to support Windows runner images (as the official Tailscale action only supports Linux). It accepts the same inputs as the official tailscale action and also outputs the Tailscale log file at the end of the job.

Star Trek or Star Wars

A trial in using Microsoft ML.NET and the automated machine learning tools. This accepts a typed or suggested sentence and indicates if it is likely to be from either Star Trek or Star Wars.

Visit Star Trek or Star Wars

This is built on Azure Static Web App with a managed Azure Function to run the ML.NET model for predictions.

YouTube Remote

This is a "tech demo" style app which allows one or more embedded YouTube player sto be controlled by one or more remote devices.

Visit YouTube Remote

This uses a serverless Azure SignalR Service with an Azure Static Web App and Azure Functions to implement the functionality.

Bank Holiday Planner

If you have ever wondered on which days to take annual leave to get the best "value", this small app will let you see the number of days between each UK bank holiday.

Visit Bank Holiday Planner

This Vue.js app is hosted on Cloudflare Pages and uses the GOV.UK bank holiday API to retrieve the bank holidays.

String Formatter Helper

This is a small tool to help find the right string format options for different C# objects. It allows the C# type to be selected, custom values to be entered and offers the pre-defined formats as a dropdown or a custom format can be entered.

Visit String Formatter Helper

This is an ASP.NET project which is hosted in a Docker container.