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Sending e-mails through Office 365

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5 min read

I recently signed up for an Office 365 Business Essentials subscription to get the benefit of Exchange and other nice features without the hassle of managing it myself, as part of this I wanted to setup a no-reply e-mail address I could use to send automated e-mails without having to fork out extra for another user. The answer I found lies in using a shared mailbox for the e-mail address and preventing it from accepting incoming e-mails, then configuring the client to use Office 365 as an SMT


Send E-mail through Microsoft Exchange using .NET

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2 min read

Recently I needed to send an e-mail using Microsoft Exchange Server from an ASP .NET Web App. My first attempt involved using the classes in the System.Net.Mail namespace however I quickly realised this wasn’t the way to be going about it as I had very little luck getting a connection to the server. After a while spent with Google I realised that there were some web services which could be used to perform tasks, these were called Exchange Web Services (EWS) and thankfully Microsoft provide a m