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Setup Gitpod for a .NET 6+ Web App

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2 min read

Gitpod is a service which provides development environments in the cloud, but a .NET web app will need some extra configuration to make it accessible when running from a development workspace. You can use Gitpod by logging in with an account from a source control provider (such as GitHub or GitLab), and then selecting the repository you would like to use from the list of available repositories. After you have selected a repository, a new workspace is created and the files will be cl


Setup GitPod for Vue.js Development

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5 min read

GitPod is a cloud-based development environment which can be used to work with a variety of frameworks, including Vue.js. It is designed to be quick to spin up new instances of a development environment through automated scripts. One of the advantages of this is that it reduces the chance of encountering issues due to differences in environments, and ensures everyone has the tools they need to start working on a project quickly. However, I recently encountered a few issues when attemptin