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Logging in .NET Core using ILogger

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Logging is an important part of software development. It helps us know that tasks have been completed, monitor applications and provides a trail to follow when things don’t work. Microsoft has included a logging framework in .NET Core and ASP.NET Core to allow developers to easily implement logging and choose their own logging provider (this is the part which decides how to store your log messages). A good logging solution can be invaluable when an application stops working as expec


What makes a good log message?

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Logging can provide important information about the behaviour of software applications. It allows operations staff to monitor application performance and gives developers a trail to follow when trying to diagnose the cause of errors. With this in mind, it is worth considering what is good information to record in a log file and what format it should be recorded in. Below is a list of the general guidelines I follow when writing log messages. Use log levels to indicate severity