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Using Cloudflare Access and tunnels to create an RDP jump host

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7 min read

Cloudflare Tunnels are a useful way of allowing private services to be accessed remotely, without exposing the devices to inbound connections. This can be combined with Cloudflare Access to provide a secure way of accessing services such as remote desktop. These services can be used to setup a bastion inside a private network. The bastion will then permit a connection to be made to a destination device on the private network. Setting up the Cloudflare Access Application The fi


Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) Stuck on "Please Wait"

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2 min read

I often use Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) to connect to computers remotely when I am out and about. However, recently when I tried to remotely connect using RDP, I became stuck at a blue screen with a “Please Wait” message after connecting. After a few minutes of waiting, I became a bit suspicious that something wasn’t working correctly, especially since I was using the connection just fine a few hours before. Below are some of the solutions I’ve found that may work if you find yo